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consisting of : ( individually priced)

  • + Wooden Memory Box R250
  • + Two Franschhoek Champagne Glasses R60
  • + Scented Candle R50
  • + Bottle of Local Franschhoek Sparkling 750ml R100
  • + Selection of 5 Franschhoek Huguenot Chocolates R60
  • + Franschhoek sausage R15
  • + Freshly baked Franschhoek baguette R15
  • + Birthday cupcake with candle R15
  • + Jar pesto Thai olive paste R30
  • + Franschhoek Camembert Cheese R35
  • barbwhiteDESIGNS Franschhoek Collection (BWD) Gift Crocery and Cutlery
      • + Wine barrel BWD cheese board with stainless steel handles. R350
  • + Ovenproof microwave and dishwasher safe BWD nesting dishes. R200
  • + Decorated cheese knife BWDR180
  • + Decorated cake fork BWD-R35
  • + Decorated small BWD spoon. R35
  • + Napkins BWD for two. R100


Franschhoek Produce Gift Box till R1500 - for everything

This can be taken a a package or individually gift wrapped and ready for you in your room


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